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Hi, I am Gilliard Lach, who's behind Gilliard.Photography. I am originally from southern Brazil, born in a city full of German culture influence called Blumenau. I know that this may sound weird but grampas used to speak fluent German. This explains my German-like last name and unpronounceable by who has Portuguese as mother-tongue. My name is quite rare in that part of the world and seems like the same everywhere. It originally came from a famous "at that time" (80s) singer. You may find him interesting (please click here for a sample). Anyway, I always nurtured an affair with photography but never went beyond a hobby, sometimes more enthusiastic, sometimes forgotten. I ended up as an expert in pharmacology and neuroscience until I decided to dedicate enough time to evolve in his main art.


If you wish to chat about anything you have seen in this page, just drop me a line. You will find how-to on my contact page.


Gilliard Lach

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