“Black Lives Matter" protest in Edinburgh

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Last Sunday about 6 thousand socially distant people protested against racism

It was an overcasted and windy day, very unusual for this year's Spring on East Scotland. Spring is being one of the driest and warmest on record!!! However, a crowd wearing masks and gloves came together (two-meters apart) to show support against racism and discrimination (see video below for a drone overview of the crowd). All happened in harmony and peacefully in Holyrood Park, just few meters away from the Scottish Parliament (an all white legislative institution). At the end of the rally, just one thing matter now, and this is the black lives!!!

Much love for all those attended whether it was on the field, honking your car horn around Arthur seat in agreement or watching the live stream at home.

More info about the organisers and future protest, please head to their Facebook event page or Instagram profile. You are also invited to sign the petition on in order to press the government about teaching Black History in Scottish Schools. The group can also be found by email:

Stay safe,


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